GRAMMY Nominated Progressive Hip-Hop Artist from DC, who mixes live elements of classical, jazz & world music with human-beatboxing!!!!

Yo!!!! Checkout this AMAZING Photoshoot/In-dept interview on me by Pitchfork Studio!!!! ;)

Great show with @nistharaj on the Lower Eastside NY!!!! I’m gonna be in NYC all week, SO what are you favorite spots for food, chilling, etc? (at PIANOS)

It’s going down in PA tonight!!!! After that, NYC on Sunday! #MiniTour (at The Grape Room)

Just finished a performance in this beautiful Concert Hall! Such a great time!!!! (at Hylton Performing Arts Center)

Just performed for 400 students from Brasilia, Brazil in the Brasilia without Boarders program! Giving them the DC flava! :) (at Ronald Reagan Building)

Yo! All 6 of my shows for Smithsonian Discovery Theater are now SOLD OUT! Thanx & enjoy!!!! (at S. Dillon Ripley Center)

Back in DC from NY, performing 2 family shows a day until Friday for Smithsonian Discovery Theater!!!! (at S. Dillon Ripley Center)

Thanks to everyone for making last night awesome! For those that missed it, catch our NYC return trip in August -> ;) (at Joes Pub)

In the backseat headed to NYC for the performance at Joe’s Pub TOMORROW! Get them tickets!!!! #Pedestrian

Riding on the US Senate Subway under the US Capitol doing research for an upcoming album concept!!!! (at United States Capitol)

Today I performed for 500+ kids (K-5th Grade) and had a great rhyme/beatbox cypher with these cool kids!!!! #ChildrenAlbumGangsta (at Drew Model Elementary School PTA)

I’ma be in NYC performing at Joe’s Pub mixing Hip-Hop with the music of India! Get yo tickets now & tell a friend! ;)

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Hey people! Checkout this song I recorded to raise funds for my alma mater, Duke Ellington School of the Arts! Each listen gets the school paid! Enjoy!!!! ;)

Checkout the New Album on the new Beats Music app!!!! ;)

People!!!! What style of music would like to see me mix with my Progressive Hip-Hop style?

(So far, I’ve done: Indian Classical, Renaissance, Big-Band Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic, Piedmont Blues, Bossa Nova, and Contemporary Arabic.)

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