GRAMMY Nominated Progressive Hip-Hop Artist from DC, who mixes live elements of classical, jazz & world music with human-beatboxing!!!!
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The new album shipment has arrived!!!! Be sure to get one at the Release Concert on Feb 22nd!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged (at Atlas Performing Arts Center)

For my album release concert w/ the jazz orchestra, I’m thinking about doing a 22-piece orchestral arrangement of a song off the old albums Advanced Artistry & In Concert Any suggestions? #HipHopUnPlugged (at Atlas Performing Arts Center)

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! Hip-Hop Unplugged Album Release Concert with Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra! 2.22.14 #HipHopUnPlugged (at Atlas Performing Arts Center)

In a Mastering Session w/ Grammy-award winning mastering engineer Bill Wolf for my NEW ALBUM Hip-Hop UnPlugged!!!! (at Henninger Media Services)

We just completed the last Mixdown session for my NEW ALBUM!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged (Taken with Instagram at Recording Arts)

Crushed 2 songs in studio w/ Delmar! NOW: Drooling over this Reel-to-reel recorder!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged (Taken with instagram)

Recording vocals!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged (Taken with Instagram at Recording Arts)

In the Studio w/ Marco Delmar having a production meeting!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged (Taken with Instagram at Recording Arts)

Recorded the Horn Section for the NEW ALBUM!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged

Just completed a recording session w/ Wytold on the Cello for the NEW ALBUM!!!! #HipHopUnPlugged

Just did 6hrs in the Studio w/ The Sweater Set recording vocal harmony for the NEW ALBUM! IT’S BANANAS!!!!

ALBUM FACT: I’m Recording & Engineering #HipHopUnPlugged myself!!!!

Just finished Editing the Human-Beatbox tracks recorded w/ the Shure SM7B Microphone!!!! NOW, TO THE STUDIO!!!!

Just finished writing a NEW SONG called X2!!!! On Hip-Hop UnPlugged???? #DCisms

Guess who’s back in the Studio recording a New Album???? #HipHopUnPlugged

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